Local Retailer Meadowlark Plans Move In March

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December 31, 2018

Local Retailer Meadowlark Plans Move In March

Locally owned boutique retailer Meadowlark is moving to a new location. But won’t be traveling far.

The store will be moving from its current location at 1125 Military Cutoff Road, Suite J, inside The Forum, to a slightly smaller location in the same shopping center at 1121 Military Cutoff Road, Suite G, said Kendall Hurt, owner of Meadowlark, on Thursday.

Meadowlark is a women’s clothing and accessory boutique with a focus on fine fabrics and the “artistic and architectural details of garments and accessories,” Hurt said. 

Meadowlark opened in its current space in October 2016. Hurt said that when the other Forum space became available in October, she saw it as an opportunity. 

“I was really interested in it and started inquiring mostly because it’s just the right fit. It’s just the right size for a boutique, and it’s in a female-centric area of the shopping center,” Hurt said. “Women are coming and going all day long and the other two boutiques are down in that section of the shopping center. So it just seems like a really good move …”

The new space is next to Club Pilates and near the Bento Box Sushi Bar and Asian Kitchen.

“I think there’s a lot to be said for parking once and being able to stroll to the different places that you want to visit. So we wanted to put ourselves in the middle of that tenant mix,” she said.

Meadowlark will transition into a slightly smaller space, going from 1,700 square feet to 1,200 square feet in the new location, Hurt said, adding “it’s the right size. We are right-sizing.”

The business had a “very strong fourth quarter” and its January and February business has been strong as well, she said.

The business currently has two part-time employees but is also actively searching for an additional part-time hire, Hurt said. 

Her decision to continue to be located in The Forum is because of the shop’s customer base, tenant mix and location among a prominent retail center.

“The tenant mix in The Forum is very strong. Really, attractive. And then, being on Military Cutoff Road, it’s obviously an A-plus when it comes to real estate sites for retail,” she said.

Meadowlark’s last day at the current location will be March 2, when it will be open a full day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store will reopen at its new location at 10 a.m. March 5, Hurt said.

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