We are a clothing and accessory boutique in Wilmington, North Carolina

At Meadowlark you'll find women’s unique clothing, artistic jewelry & distinctive bags. We focus on updated classics, quality fabrics and high fashion pieces to make a wardrobe balanced and exciting. Experience something new and different for Wilmington!

Meadowlark was born in October 2016 when owner, Kendall Hurt, opened the shop in Wilmington, NC. Kendall lost her mother to Alzheimer's disease in December 2009.

After mom passed, a bird presented itself to me audibly. It came each morning and I thought it odd to hear a song bird in January in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She became more and more present but for the first year, I couldn’t see her. The second spring, I was able to see her but she'd fly away before I could get any real detail. The year after, I was finally able to see her in all her yellow glory with a majestic, black chevron chest. It took me a while but I determined it was an eastern meadowlark. Less and less I would hear her but when life would get interesting, she would come back. This shop is for me and Mom.

Kendall Hurt

Owner of Meadowlark

(910) 679-4474

Kendall Hurt left her corporate job and moved from Roanoke, Virginia to open Meadowlark in September 2016. With 5 weeks to order inventory, fixtures and displays and get everything set, October 15th was opening day. Close friends and Kendall's father were there the final days leading up to opening, very generously giving their time and talents. Kendall is most grateful for her father, close friends, new found mentors in the industry and many welcoming Wilmingtonians.
Life isn't perfect but your outfit can be.
​For those to whom the lark appears, the mysteries and science of sound, music and voice will be important ​and the shamanic aspects of song and sorcery will become unveiled. The creative power of voice awakens. Words spoken will take on greater power and magic. Things spoken lovingly will be felt more deeply; things spoken harshly will cut more deeply. The power of the voice is awakening.

It has been said that the angels sing everyday for us, but to hear the song of the angels we must first be able to hear the song within our own hearts. When the lark appears, our own sacred song is being awakened.