Meadowlark Loyalty Reward Program

Meadowlark appreciates you visiting, hanging out with us and of course, your business. It’s a priority for us to make sure we offer a program that rewards you for repeat visits and purchases, as well as being a smart business decision for the company.

The Meadowlark Reward Program requires 4 separate visits with minimum purchase of $50 to receive reward of 15% off full purchases on the 5th visit.

Upon completion of your first card, you'll receive the reward every 4th visit, as the reward transaction counts toward the next reward.

Once earned, reward must be redeemed within 60 days.

Rewards cannot be used with other offers.

Please no splitting multiple item purchases within one day to earn reward faster.

Program + Reward can be stopped or changed at anytime.

Thanks for shopping with us and check back soon.