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Fonda Belt by Calleen Cordero in Blue Pearl

Fonda Belt by Calleen Cordero in Blue Pearl

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Crafted with impeccable full-grain leather and leather-lined, and adorned with our CC signature hand studded nickel or brass artwork, this belt will become a favorite in your repertoire. Artisan-style, each belt is made one at a time. 

This belt has a detachable brass or nickel buckle.

Truly a work of art.

The more you wear it the better it gets!
Handmade. Quantities Limited.
Calleen Cordero shoes and accessories are made with longevity in mind, using the finest leathers and componentry from the start.  Our leathers and artwork get better with wear and age, they take on the fine creases of daily wear and patinas that result from natural exposure to the elements, however like our own skin, all leathers need regular care to bring out their best. Regular wear and tear will also have its effects on all materials no matter what components. The life of your shoes and accessories depends on the care you give them. The following are some simple guidelines for caring for your Calleen Cordero shoes and accessories.

Care for leathers:
-Keep leather surface clean and dry. Use a soft cloth. For suede we recommend a specialized brush.
-Treat leathers to protect against rain and moisture with a non-alkaline formula as recommended by your cobbler.
-Always use products intended for the type of leather you are treating. Suede, vachetta, nubuck, and nappas each require different modes of care. Consult with a leather care professional for expert advice.
-Test treatments on a concealed part of the shoe lest the product has an adverse effect on the color of the leather.
-If leather should get wet, pat dry with a soft cloth.
-Allow to dry at room temperature, do not place by a heater for faster results.
-Store your shoes and accessories in a cool, dry place. Leather color will change if left in direct light for a prolonged period.

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