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Oversized Knit Cable Cardigan by Summum in Ivory Melange

Oversized Knit Cable Cardigan by Summum in Ivory Melange

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Looking for an oversized knitted cardigan? This Summum piece will become one of your favourite items in your wardrobe. The cardigan is cool and nonchalant yet very feminine at the same time. It’s comfy enough for sitting on the sofa binge watching your favourite programmes in the evening and stylish enough for a presentation on World Earth Day. That’s why it’s a must-have for every wardrobe. Nonchalant & feminine Loosely knitted knitwear in alpaca blend yarn gives your outfit a cool finishing touch. The oversized fit also oozes nonchalance and self-confidence. This versatile cardigan with a deep V-neckline and three eye-catching buttons comes in a natural beige shade. The three-quarter sleeves with rib-knit detail give this cardigan an airy look despite its chunky, knitted-in cables. That’s why this cardigan looks great with dresses, blouses, jeans... basically anything. Subtle glitter At Summum, it's all in the detail. This gorgeous cardigan is all about subtle glitter, and that’s the effect of the gold thread in this oversized knitted cardigan. A passer-by would need to look twice, but someone with an eye for detail would notice it straight away. The glitter in this cardigan is sophisticated enough not to be a distraction but bold enough to stand out. Why this oversized knitted cardigan? The wool blend is enriched with alpaca wool for extra softness and insulating comfort. The cardigan looks chunky without being heavy. The gold thread adds a feminine twist to this versatile cardigan. And thanks to the rib detail at the hem, you can comfortably tuck the cardigan into your trousers. Nonchalant, sophisticated and confident: our oversized knitted cardigan is here to stay! Create extra class by wearing this cardigan over Summum chinos or trousers. You can also leave your coat at home and leave the house with this stylish cardigan combined with a colourful scarf. In short: this knitted cardigan will be your new go-to piece next season!


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