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Temae Ring by Anne Marie Chagnon in Mirror

Temae Ring by Anne Marie Chagnon in Mirror

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Temae is a must-have piece to add to your jewelry collection. This ring features a prism tinted in one of the season's sublime colors, which we have affectionately named Mirror. This six-angled glass gem, inspired by natural stones, embellishes the piece, while magnifying the imagination.

Made of pewter, a malleable metal, Anne-Marie Chagnon rings are adjustable from size 6 to 9 allowing anyone to wear them comfortably. However, it is important to enjoy this asset in moderation. Like other metals, pewter can fracture if the ring is repeatedly opened and closed.


    1.9 CM (0.7")
    0.7 CM (0.3")
    2 CM (0.8")

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